The Joy of the Resurrection in the Faces of Our Diocese: Nourishing Life

This is the first of a series of posts showcasing Joy in the faces of our diocese.

By: Office of Communications

Christ has risen from the dead and His cross is triumphant! This week, the Office of Communications wishes to bring to light the Joy of Christ’s Resurrection as seen in the faces of our diocesan family. Today, we highlight Joy through the life of our diocese.

“Every time we uphold life by our witness, educational efforts, political involvement and legislative support, we are building up our society and putting into place a new culture of life.” –Bishop Paul S. Loverde

March for Life, Life is Very Good 2015 024edit

Pro-lifers of all ages were at this year’s Life Is VERY Good on March 23, 2015.

March for Life, Life is Very Good 2015 RoundTwo 464

Colleges, high schools and universities throughout the Diocese of Arlington sent bus-fulls of students to this year’s March for Life.

The Real Deal Bioethics Conference this year on January 10.

The Respect Life group at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church hosted “The Real Deal: The Bioethics of Pregnancy and Fertility” conference this year on January 10.

To find out more about the Diocese of Arlington’s ministry in celebrating life, consider connecting with the  Office for Family Life, the Respect Life Office or the Office of Youth Ministry and their work to protect and nourish life.

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