Why there are so many lonely men?

To continue our celebration of this week’s World Day of Prayer for Vocations and of this Year of Consecrated Life, this post is the first this week in a series on vocations.

By: Rev. James Searby

Rev. James Searby is the parochial vicar at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, in Arlington. He gave this homily yesterday, World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2015. Click on the play button below to listen to it in full. We’ve also transcribed the last two minutes below for your convenience.

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We live in a time that does not have a crisis of vocations by any means. Our diocese is blessed; we have more seminarians than most major archdioceses. But the fact is that we live in a time where there is a crisis of courage amongst men – courage to make any commitment. We’re always looking for the better option, for the most comfortable choice, for the thing that might be better than this decision. So this is why so few make commitments in marriage, or when they’re in them, leave them? Why so few make commitments to the priesthood, why so few make can commitments to the religious life? Why there are so many lonely men?

Because they lack courage and conviction to stand and say, “I believe this and it is worth sacrificing everything for.” And men, if you have not yet responded to your vocation, pray about this one. Because to stand before God and to say, “I have given everything for you.” He will say, “Well done, well done good and faithful servant.” You will have an intimacy with the Lord of Life when you surrender yourself to Him. And oh, the adventure you’ll have!

Every adventure that I ever longed for as a kid, every day, is that adventure, unexpectedly, but it is there, and you’ll never have just a desk job. Please pray for your priests and pray that more will respond. Pray for courage in every vocation and I promise you, you will see amazing things. Because Jesus will walk amongst us, and what He brings through these hands sanctifies the world and humbles us at the same time. Because that need that we have is fulfillable. We have it, because fulfillment is possible.

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