The Friday Five: Mom’s the Word

This is the final post in a series recognizing the gift of femininity and the vocation of motherhood in its varied forms. We celebrate, as Pope Francis says, woman’s “great gift of being able to give life, of being able to give tenderness, of being able to give peace and joy.”

By: Elise Italiano, Director of Communications

Mother’s Day is just two days away. It’s a day we set aside to consider our own mothers with particular attention. For some, like me, it will be a day of gratitude. For others who have lost their mothers – or their own children – it will be a day of mourning.  For those who are unable to conceive, a day of prayerful petition for openness to God’s will. For expectant mothers, a day of hope. And still for many, who have a wounded relationship with their mother, it will be a day to consider reconciliation and forgiveness.

We all receive the gift of life from a human mother. And we hope for eternal life to our Blessed Mother. No matter our circumstance, God has us covered.

Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget. I will never forget you. –Isaiah 49:15

1. Motherhood made news this week as the Royal Baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, was born and presented to the world. Why should we pay particular attention as Catholics? Because the eyes of the whole world were upon a family that welcomed new life, and we got to gaze on the love of a radiant mother for her child. The world craves beauty – especially the beauty of family life – and the royal family delivered. Pun intended.


2. Do you read Elizabeth Foss’ weekly column in The Arlington Catholic Herald? We have the blessing of featuring a renowned blogger’s reflections each week in our diocese. Foss – a wife and mother of nine (and grandmother to one) – has been “nurturing joy with faith and grace as [her]family grows” and documenting it all at In the Heart of My Home.

 3. During the oral arguments at the Supreme Court last week, we heard a lot of debates about whether or not mothers and fathers matter in the lives of their children, or whether parents, more generically, are sufficient. Our Holy Father has been very gently but intentionally reminding us that mothers and fathers are both essential in his Wednesday General Audiences. It is through their difference that they contribute to the harmony of family life.

From Pope Francis’ General Audience January 7:

Mothers are the strongest antidote to the spread of self-centered individualism. “Individual” means “what cannot be divided”. Mothers, instead, “divide” themselves, from the moment they bear a child to give him to the world and help him grow.

Mothers often pass on the deepest sense of religious practice: in a human being’s life, the value of faith is inscribed in the first prayers, the first acts of devotion that a child learns.

4. This Mother’s Day, many women will remember their abortion with grief and regret.  If you know a woman who has had an abortion, we encourage you to reach out to her and extend her an invitation to experience Christ’s mercy. Please consider sharing this video message from Bishop Loverde with them.

 5. For you to share on your own social media accounts this Mother’s Day: 

Mothers Day 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to all in our diocese!

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