The Friday Five: On Faith and Graduation

This week, we celebrate our graduates—their experiences, accomplishments and future endeavors as they seek to live in the world in order to sanctify and transform it, making Christ known to all.

By: Elise Italiano, Director of Communications

“Live in present moment.” It’s age-old maxim and a good one at that.  Graduation marks a particularly special opportunity to be fully present.  Though it is a chance to reflect on what one has learned in the past and to consider how to apply it in the future, graduation is a time to sit and just be.  And as Christians, we know it can be a special time to immerse ourselves in the presence of God, full of gratitude, hope, and wonder.


1. Want news on diocesan high school and college graduates? Check out the special Graduation Issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald.

2.  Will you be attending a Virginia college or university this fall? Find a list of Catholic campus ministries in the Diocese of Arlington and the Diocese of Richmond.


3. From Pope Francis’ 2013 homily to university students:

Please do not watch life go by from the balcony! Mingle where the challenges are calling you to help carry life and development forward, in the struggle over human dignity, in the fight against poverty, in the battle for values and in the many battles we encounter each day.

4.  Bishop Paul S. Loverde and Alice von Hildebrand were awarded honorary doctorates at the 2015 Christendom College Commencement.  More photos are available on our diocesan Facebook page!



5.  This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church.  We pray that our diocesan graduates of all ages bring the gifts of the Spirit to the world!





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