Washing The Pill down with Organic Milk…and Other Mental Gymnastics

We celebrate National NFP Awareness Week, sharing couples’ stories of growth, gift of self and hope.

By: Sr. Clare Hunter, F.S.E.

I once had a conversation with a college student who was pretty disgusted about her perception that the Church ignores the protection of the environment and animals, but always talks about sexuality and tells people what to do or not do in the bedroom. “After all, God created everything and commanded us to take care of it, right?” She had a point. The conversation was typical, and one I have had countless times with all ages.  It is a tennis match of their excellent points about contraception that truly sound plausible and logical, and my returns:

They say: Over-population.

  • I say: Well, I’ve heard some pretty convincing information that there is not accurate scientific proof it is a problem – Population Research Institute. Also, it makes me go “hmmm.” Funny that those of us who made it through pregnancy alive are so determined to stop more from coming. Reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s great quote: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”


They say: Health reasons.

  • I say: “The Pill” won’t solve a problem (such as the “disease” pregnancy), only deal with symptoms. Doesn’t it seem silly not to deal with the problem? Not to mention the fact that the health risks in taking artificial hormones can be so detrimental. Women never know that! AND – I’ve asked a nurse and a few doctors – is there any other medicine that stops a bodily function from occurring as it is designed to do?? (Answer: only Antiperspirant)  But really, none that they can think of. Does anyone have an answer? I find going to the bathroom during a movie annoying – what about a pill to stop urination? Would there be any bad side effects from shutting down a bladder?

They say: Unwanted babies and an end to abortion.

  • I say: I REALLY want to agree with them. It is so very logical. Using contraceptives will stop pregnancy. No surprises, no abortions. I am BEGGING someone to help me wrap my mind around this anomaly! We’ve had tons of contraceptives for years! Legal, easily obtained and (except for Georgetown grad students, apparently) free or rather inexpensive. WHY, WHY, do we still have 1.2 million abortions a year?  52% of pregnancies are unintended. Seriously, is it me?

This post first appeared on Encourage and Teach on April 26, 2013. View the full text here.

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