Bishop Loverde: Sharing the Good News in 140 Characters

This week we join our diocesan family in celebrating Bishop Loverde’s upcoming 50th anniversary of priestly ordination, drawing particular attention to his role as an evangelist through traditional and new media.  As Bishop Loverde has written,  “Evangelization simply means sharing the Good News about a Person, Jesus Christ. It is you and I taking a step toward Jesus…and then toward others to introduce Him. In all times, all around the world, the Church has existed to evangelize, to proclaim Jesus Christ” (Go Forth with Hearts on Fire, 9-10).

By: Office of Communications

Bishop Loverde reaches his flock with messages of faith, hope and love, both in-person and through print and radio.  In addition, Bishop Loverde uses his Twitter account to share prayers and spiritual insights with almost 1,800 followers, including some of his other brother bishops!

If you aren’t following him, be sure to today! And if you already are, invite a friend to follow him so that he or she can receive his succinct encouragement and wisdom!  Sometimes a sound byte from the shepherd is just what we need. PopularBishopTweetProLifePopularBishopTweetWhoYouAre

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