The Friday Five: New Reflections from Our Bishop

This week we join our diocesan family in celebrating Bishop Loverde’s upcoming 50th anniversary of priestly ordination, drawing particular attention to his role as an evangelist through traditional and new media.  As Bishop Loverde has written,  “Evangelization simply means sharing the Good News about a Person, Jesus Christ. It is you and I taking a step toward Jesus…and then toward others to introduce Him. In all times, all around the world, the Church has existed to evangelize, to proclaim Jesus Christ” (Go Forth with Hearts on Fire, 9-10).

By: Elise Italiano, Director of Communiations

Last week, the Diocese of Arlington celebrated the upcoming 50th anniversary of priestly ordination of Bishop Paul S. Loverde, our shepherd, at two occasions.  Six hundred members of the diocese celebrated his life, vocation, and ministry at a tribute dinner in Falls Church on November 2.  And on November 7, over 1000 persons from throughout the diocese joined Bishop Loverde at a Mass of Thanksgiving at All Saints Church in Manassas.

While there were many highlights at both events, Bishop Loverde’s remarks and homily revealed that he continues to “encourage and teach” us all with patience – and warmth, joy and quite a bit of humor.

Here are 5 Quick Takes from his remarks and homilies last week:


_MB35264-X2 Photo: Matthew Barrick Photography

 “I heard so many beautiful things here this evening, and I’m very grateful for those heartfelt expressions.  I kept thinking, ‘There must be someone else here named Paul Loverde! But it would be ungracious of me not to accept them and to acknowledge the progress that has taken place in these 16 years here.  But we have done it together, in Christ and from that power which comes from His heart.  Indeed there has been much progress, but its been done together. No bishop can do things by himself. Impossible. So yes, in Christ’s name we have done it, yes, with my leadership, yes with the collaboration of all of you!”


_MB35294-X2Photo: Matthew Barrick Photography

“You and I can be grateful for the gift of faith. That’s where our joy is. That’s where our treasure is. That is the source of our rootedness, because faith leads to Christ. And He is our all.”


Ordination Rome 1965 Bishop Loverde joined by his parents at his priestly ordination in Rome, 1965.

“No life is perfect. But priestly life is truly that gift and mystery, which Saint John Paul II spoke about having served and he used that very title when he gave us that recollection of his own memories having served his fifty years.  I’m grateful to God for the call, unworthy as I am, and I’m grateful to my parents. They were just dears. Good people. You notice I was taller than them? [Laugher] But I am grateful because they gave me the example of hard work. I couldn’t be here without all the people involved in my formation.”


1447165127_7e24Photo: Mike Flach, Arlington Catholic Herald

“It is a privilege to lead people to Jesus. To proclaim Jesus, the Truth, to give people the life of Jesus in the sacraments. I am always struck to think as people come up to receive Communion, What better gift can I give them than Jesus?  To think that He uses us, humble as we are, imperfect, frail, limited, to actually act in His person…!”


1447165095_1f14 Photo: Courtesy Phyllis L. Johnson

“Today, I again put my hands at the disposal of Christ, asking Him to take me by the hand, again and again, and lead me to love you with His Heart until the day He calls me home! Again, thank you! In Christ, I love you!”

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