The Friday Five: #ShowKnowMercy

By: Elise Italiano, Director of Communications

“Show no mercy.” For me, this directive conjures up an image of a coach with his team on the sidelines of a big game, rallying the group to march toward victory against the opposing squad with all of their might.

Here in the Diocese of Arlington, we’re also following the directive, but in a slightly different way. We’re taking our cues from Our Holy Father to show and know the merciful love of Our Heavenly Father with everything we’ve got during this Jubilee.  Our story will unfold under the hashtag #ShowKnowMercy.


There are ample opportunities to experience and know more fully the mercy of God here in Arlington. First and foremost, we invite you to receive the love of Jesus Christ in and through the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well as through Eucharistic adoration. Search our parish locator for times and locations.

March for Life, Life is Very Good 2015 285edit CREDIT Natalie J Plumb


Make a pilgrimage to the newly renovated Saint Thomas More Cathedral and pass through the Holy Door. As Bishop Loverde has written,

The opening of the Holy Door, something most of us see only a few times in our lives, is meant to be a great symbol of Christ. When a pilgrim walks through that door, he or she should be reminded of how the Lord Jesus is the gate through which we pass from sin to grace (cf. Jn. 10:9). I invite each of you during this Jubilee to make a pilgrimage to Saint Thomas More Cathedral, to pass through the Holy Door, and in doing so, to reflect on the many ways and times you have, through Christ, encountered God’s merciful love. When you know God’s mercy, you will experience Gospel joy. And that enduring joy will make you a convincing herald of the gospel!



Share the merciful love of the Father throughout this Jubilee through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Not sure where to start? Check out our diocesan website for resources, events, and opportunities to near you.


Want to be part of a community of mercy right away? Join the 1,500 volunteers who work with Catholic Charities each year. Their stories and mission will move you.

We photograph the evening's activity at the Duocesan sponsored St. Margaret of Cortona House in Woodbridge, VA. 25 March2015 Photos by Gerald Martineau for the Arlington Catholic Diocese.

The evening activity at Saint Margaret of Cortona House in Woodbridge.
Photo by Gerald Martineau for the Arlington Catholic Diocese.


Evangelize the “digital content” during the Jubilee!

Each Monday you will find resources across our diocesan social media and digital platforms for you to share with your networks. Start with our 2 Minutes 2 Virtue series on YouTube. Move onto our Monday Mercy memes on Facebook. Re-tweet Bishop Loverde’s messages of mercy on Twitter.


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