Top Blog Posts in 2015 — When You have 9 Adopted Siblings, the Quality of Life Argument is Unconvincing

Each day this week we will feature a top blog post from Encourage and Teach 2015.

By: Bridget Wilson, Guest Contributor

Canada Island
Chances are you’ve seen a sign or bumper sticker that reads, “Adoption: The Loving Option.” On the surface it is cute rhyme, but looking deeper, it is really a powerful truth. The implication is that the biological mother, in the midst of a crisis pregnancy, will sacrifice the knowing and raising of her child so that he or she can have a better life. As one of twelve children, nine of whom are adopted, my family knows well the blessings that adoption can bring into a family.

The conflict between two camps: those who believe life begins at conception and those who have convinced themselves that it’s only a baby if you want it to be is nothing new. Despite the release of a series of videos suggesting that Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts for profit, many pro-choice proponents have yet to lift the veil from their eyes, and still vehemently support the abortion industry. They twist the feminist movement to serve their needs, claim Planned Parenthood is a beacon of female healthcare and the list goes on. However, I want to take a moment to explore one argument in particular: quality of life.

If quality of life will be poor, they argue, it is better, even noble, to consider ending the life of the child through abortion. It’s a blanket statement that covers everything from children who could be born into abusive homes to children with disabilities or extensive medical needs, or even children born into poverty. Since when is the value of someone’s life based on the quality in which it is lived? How can we say that to suffer must be something avoided at all costs, even if it means ending the lives of those who may be suffering? Who are we to make that call? We are not God. We don’t know if, when, or how suffering will come to end. With nine adopted siblings, I have heard and seen firsthand intense suffering. Specifically, I want to share the stories of … View the full text here.

This post first appeared on Encourage and Teach on October 8, 2015.

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