Charmed by Life at Ten Weeks

This week we draw attention to the National March for Life  on Friday, January 22, 2016. Please pray for an end to abortion and for protection and safety for all those who march. Our series began Tuesday with Sr. Clare’s advice on 5 Ways to Get into the March for Life Spirit.

By: Joe Klinker, Guest Contributor

In 2012, my wife and I wanted to introduce the saints to our young children. But, they were more interested in the stories of their favorite TV and movie characters than the lives of the saints. The traditional statues and medals simply didn’t capture their attention. Sound familiar?

With this in mind, we decided to meet our kids at their level and design a faith-based product that could fit right in with the toys and characters they see every day. The result was a line of colorful, weatherproof, kid-friendly charms that can be attached to necklaces, shoes, zippers, bags and key chains. When our kids started sharing with their friends, and even asking for new saints, we knew we had something special and Tiny Saints was born.

In the past three years, there are two beliefs that have been central to Tiny Saints.

1) Everyone is open to simple, basic and approachable messages.

2) Images can deliver messages that words cannot.

The response to Tiny Saints has been inspiring. So that got us thinking: Where else is there a need to apply this approach of simple, basic and approachable messages? That’s how Ten Weeks began.

Ten Weeks is the non-profit arm of Tiny Saints, Inc. Through the sale of charms depicting life at ten weeks (gestational age), we will help financially support organizations and facilities that serve as safe havens for pregnant mothers and their children.

As our nation and our world struggle with the concept of life in the womb, there is a clear need for messages of hope, love and life.

large charm

Life at Ten Weeks . This image is magnified.

The ten-weeks charm is the culmination of much thought and research. Here are a few insights:

1) Our message is our image. The baby in the charm is a loyal-to-size depiction of life at ten weeks. We simply want to ask: What does this mean to you?

2) The size of our charm, the references for our facts, and even the silhouette of the mother on our packaging are taken from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the U.S. National Library of Medicine. These sources are products of any presidential administration in office, so they are accountable to them!

3) The charm includes the heart and umbilical cord. These two components demonstrate the remarkable connection, physical and emotional, between a mother and her child.

Our prayer is that a gentle depiction of a child at ten weeks can be a symbol of hope, love and life; and we ask God to handle it from there. He’s much better at it!

This Thursday, January 21, and Friday, January 22, each attendee of the Diocese of Arlington’s annual Life Is VERY Good event will receive one of these charms. We invite everyone to share them with individuals and groups who wish to spread a message of hope, love and life!

Please visit soon to learn more!

Joe Klinker grew up as a parishioner and student at St. Joseph Parish, in Herndon. He and his family were then parishioners at Church of the Nativity Parish, in Burke. The Klinkers recently moved to Orlando, Fl.

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