Confession: A Post-Abortive Penitent’s Perspective

This is the fourth week of a Lenten series. Today, we focus on confession. 

By: Anonymous

For most of us, the mention of confession stirs up great fear, especially if you haven’t been for a while. Confession involves telling someone your dark secrets, the ones you haven’t told to anyone. You’ve convinced yourself that no one will understand, that the sin is unforgivable and you are not worthy of God’s mercy…

Lent blog-

This is how I felt going to confession after my abortion. I was terrified. What if the priest does not give me absolution? Guilty as charged.

The one thing I knew for sure was that I had to go to confession. It was the last possible solution that could help bring me out of darkness. I had nothing to lose except the darkness.

So one day, the plan was to go to a penance service, try to identify a priest who would be nice to me, and get this over with. As I sat in the church, I had a great desire to leave and never come back, but I could not move. There was nowhere else to go.


Eventually, I gathered my courage, and was able to walk to the confessional and go in. There, I found . . . View the full text here.

This post first appeared on the Encourage and Teach blog on March 10, 2015.

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One thought on “Confession: A Post-Abortive Penitent’s Perspective

  1. Thanks for sharing your account, Anonymous!

    You are definitely advanced and continue to advance in the spiritual life. I can tell you have some profound vocation and I will keep you in my daily prayers as you continue your discernment.


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