Media Blitz: We Look Forward to Your Coverage of the March for Life

By: Sr. Clare Hunter, Director of the Respect Life Office

For four days, I have seen and heard the most thorough and amazing coverage of the March for Women on all media and news networks. Their ability to stretch this event into days, and maybe even weeks, of news coverage is not only laudable but inspiring. I think they should be commended on their coverage, and while we are acknowledging their exhaustive dedication to national news, we should tell them how much we look forward to their equal coverage of the 44th National March for Life.


Please contact all news and media and let them know your expectations!

Here is a sample text for an email—just cut and paste:

To Whom it May Concern,

Your tireless coverage of the March for Women was highly informative, and I am writing to convey my sincere hope that your coverage of the March for Life this Friday, January 27, on the National Mall, will be equally comprehensive. I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about this event, or for more information contact

Contact now:


Foxnews – Call their hotline 888-369-4762 or




Washington Post –

Washington Times –

For media inquiries regarding the Diocese of Arlington’s participation in the 44th Annual March for Life, conact Angela Pellerano, Director of Media Relations, at (703) 841-2517 (office), (571) 215-8731 (mobile) or


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